I've been to a lot of comic shops and the employees/owners always work hard to make patrons feel like noobs, this is especially true when a woman enters the shop. Nova is the exact opposite. The owner works hard to put everyone at ease. He seems genuinely excited by the uninitiated and he can converse with women in the same way he does with men. He's a genuinely pleasant guy. This is a place I feel like hanging out at, not running away from.


 What I dig dig dig about Nova is Lance (the owner) has the breadth of mainstream comics (DC and Marvel), but has great taste for other brands such as Dynamite, Valiant, and Image. If you are new to comics, Lance will help you identify what you will enjoy without making you feel like a noob. It's a funny, witty, and customer service oriented shop. I personally buy from there and you should, too!


Great space and a great guy! Before Nova opened, my family was was walking around Boxyard when my son noticed some action figures in the soon to be open space. Lance heard my son say, "dad, Spidey!" He proceeded to come out and introduce himself, he then said "Here buddy," and gave Action figure to my son. Made Tinker's day! Great addition to the Boxyard. Very friendly and knowledgeable of all things comics!